Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Portsmouth Public School Division is to challenge the minds, challenge the bodies, and challenge the dreams of all students while focusing on excellence.


I.  Strong Board Leadership:

By 2017, the Portsmouth City School Board will be a leading force for
community advancement.

II. Committed and Supportive Parents:

By 2017, all parents of the Portsmouth Public School Division students  will be excited about and claim ownership of their children’s education.

III. High Quality Graduates:

By 2017, all graduates of the Portsmouth Public School Division will  be highly sought after by both employers and institutions of higher  learning.

IV. Value Added Programs:

By 2017, the Portsmouth Public School Division will be recognized by educational organizations and institutions of higher learning for its innovative and effective programs.

V.  Exemplary Student Citizens:

By 2017, all the Portsmouth Public School Division students will be socially responsible and respected as lights of inspiration for future generations. 

VI.  Facilities, Capital Projects, Maintenance, Technology:

By 2017, the Portsmouth City School Board will provide educational facilities - including technology - that contribute to the learning environment for students and provide safe and accessible facilities for students and staff.

The Purpose of the Elementary School

The elementary schools of the Commonwealth of Virginia have been assigned responsibility for providing the basic instruction that will enable each child, commensurate with his/her state of maturity, to achieve the following goals:

  • To read with comprehension; to write and speak with fluency and clarity; and to apply basic mathematical skills with accuracy

  • To develop and cherish a commitment to his/her own national and spiritual heritage and the culture and history of other people

  • To acquire an understanding of the universe and the influence of geographic features on life, with particular emphasis on the geography of his/her own country

  • To continue to develop those qualities of character that are revealed in good moral conduct, in appreciation of noble sacrifice, and the reverence for spiritual values

  • To develop habits of orderly and critical thinking necessary for collecting information, grasping ideas, and drawing conclusions

  • To appreciate the beauties of nature and masterpieces of music, art, and literature

  • To develop habits conducive to safe living and physical and mental health

  • To develop a sense of responsibility and self discipline, and, at the same time, maintain his/her individuality

The Purpose of the Secondary School

The purpose of the secondary school is to provide thorough preparation in the academic subjects for all students, commensurate with their abilities and ambitions. The secondary school must prepare students for college or for successful employment dependent upon the individual abilities and plans of each student.

To accomplish these purposes, the school must assist students in developing a desire for knowledge and a respect for learning; an appreciation of the importance of physical and mental health; an understanding of their cultural heritage and a respect for their country; a sense of responsibility for effective citizenship and good moral character; and an appreciation of spiritual values.