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Each year, the Portsmouth School Board ("PPS") assembles a budget that puts students first; PPS wants our students to succeed in school and beyond.  Our plans support the School Board’s mission to “engage all students in learning that will foster academic excellence and responsible citizenship.”

School Board Budgets

Superintendent's Estimate of Needs

Background Materials
Five Year Strategic Plan


Theodore L Faulk, CPA, CFO

Theodore L. Faulk, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
email:  theodore.faulk@portsk12.com

Dwight C. Duren
 Budget Analyst

email: dwight.duren@portsk12.com
Ph:  757-393-8435 ext. 14125
Fax:  757-393-5276

Donna M. Valdez
Staff Account Technician
email: donna.valdez@portsk12.com
Ph:  757-393-8435
Fax:  757-393-5276

Street Address
801 Crawford Street, 3rd Floor
Portsmouth, VA  23704

 Mailing Address 
Post Office Box 998
Portsmouth, VA 

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m



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