*NEW* Career and Technical Education Courses 2017-18

**For more information or to register, see your high school counselor for details. Enrollment is based on eligibility, class size, and grade level, among other factors.**


Nail Technician I 8692  (10-11 grade) – AC 13 program

Prerequisites (None)

Nail Technician 8693 (11-12 grade)

 Students learn to manicure, pedicure, install and maintain artificial nails, and apply concepts associated with bacteriology, sanitation, nail disorders, anatomy and physiology, and safety. Completion prepares students for the Virginia state licensing examination in Nail Technician.



Sports Medicine I (7660) 11 & 12 grade

Prerequisites (None)

Sports Medicine (7662) 12th grade

Prerequisites (Sports Medicine I)

This course of studies provides students with the basic concepts and skill set required for an entry-level position as a sports medicine assistant. It introduces students to topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, first aid/CPR/AED, exercise physiology, and biomechanics. Students study basic human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, legal and ethical issues in sports medicine, and career preparation. Course competencies have been constructed so as not to go beyond the professional scope of aide/assistant level. Mastery of the material in this course would provide students with a strong background should they wish to pursue certification in areas such as first aid, CPR, AED, and/or personal trainer.


  • College & Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+)
  • National Career Readiness Certificate Assessment
  • Workplace Readiness
  • *Certified Personal Trainer Examination (completion of 7662)


TV & Media Production 8688 (9-11 grade) – AC 13 program

Prerequisites (None)

In this course, students will engage in hands-on digital media production while using industry-standard equipment and software. They will learn how to work as media producers and explore careers in the dynamic industry of digital media production.

 TV & Media Production 8689 (10-12 grade)

Prerequisites (8688)

This course builds upon knowledge and skills from Television and Media Production I. Students will generate fiction and non-fictional media content. Students will enhance their digital media production skills by entering the studio and control room and become proficient with industry-standard equipment and software. They put their knowledge of digital media production into action with use of sophisticated tools and equipment as they begin to develop their personal portfolios

 TV & Media Production 8690 (11-12)

Prerequisites (8688 & 8689)

This course builds upon knowledge and skills from Television and Media Production I and II. Students will demonstrate mastery of media production knowledge and skills. They will create original productions, assemble a professional digital portfolio, and investigate the dynamic media production industry. Students will research postsecondary opportunities and formulate strategies for both college and career success.



Cybersecurity Fundamentals (6302) 9-11 grade

I.C. Norcom High only this year.

Starting in 2018-19, other high schools will begin to offer this course.